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Enhance Your College Experience By Living Off-Campus

Living Off-Campus

Did you know that living off-campus is a popular option for undergrads? In fact, one recent report found that about 60% of public university students and 40% of private university students do not live in campus housing.

Believe it or not, much of college life isn’t happening on school grounds. By moving off-campus, you can have more privacy, lower costs, and gain more life experience before graduation.

The question is, how do you find the right off-campus housing for you?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about choosing the perfect place to live off-campus.

Know What Amenities You Need

First, consider what amenities you need (and want). One of the most important considerations to make is whether or not you need to live in furnished housing. Dorms tend to provide the most important staples, like a desk, dresser, and mattress–and there are off-campus housing units that can do the same.

In addition, think about the kinds of amenities you want and see how they fit into your budget. You may find that with lower off-campus housing costs, you can live in a building that is equipped with a gym, a pool, and more!

Stay Close to School

Whether or not you have a car, make sure that you stay near campus when selecting off-campus housing. If you’re used to living on-campus, you’re probably used to walking or taking a short bus ride to your classes. Moving somewhere that requires a long, traffic-filled commute can make it a lot more difficult to get to those early morning classes!

Decide On the Best Roommate Situation for You

On-campus housing doesn’t always provide the most flexibility when it comes to roommates. You may not be able to get access to a single-occupant dorm or you may not have much of a say in who you’re sharing a room with. When you’re moving off-campus, you have more freedom in this regard.

Decide whether or not sharing a room with a roommate is more budget-friendly or if having your own space is best. Remember, you can often pick between apartments and houses, which means that even if you don’t share your room, you’ll probably still share your living space. Talk to your friends and classmates about what their plans are for next year and decide if moving in together in an off-campus house or apartment is the right choice.

College Life Happens On and Off Campus

College life doesn’t just occur in the halls of campus buildings or out on the quad. Where you live and the lessons you learn as a tenant are just as important to your college experience as what happens on campus. This year, decide if off-campus housing is right for you and use our guide to find the perfect home.

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